Patent Owners

A survey of technology-intensive firms found that 85% had unutilized patents, 24% had more than 100 unutilized patents, and 12% had more than 1,000 unutilized patents

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Partnering wth Techquity as an IP Owner

Firms often face internal hurdles when directly commercializing their IP holdings because they lack IP valuation knowledge and face strategic relationship issues.

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The Challenge

These limiting factors routinely prevent IP owners from fully capturing economic value for their IP. As a result, IP assets often produce more value in the hands of sophisticated and experienced IP commercialization firms like Techquity. By providing an independent vehicle for IP assets, the firm creates liquidity for IP owners and enables them to balance internal and external relationships, risks, and operational demands.

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Our Value

Of the few buy-side firms in existence today, Techquity provides IP owners with a unique combination of strategic sensitivity, transaction diversity, and proven IP commercialization expertise.  IP owners who partner with Techquity realize superior financial returns, enhanced competitive positioning, and reduced exposure in operations.[/wpcol_1half_end]

Our Diligence and Execution Approach

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Based on the proven track record of the Principals, Techquity utilizes a structured and iterative diligence and execution approach aimed at developing tailored strategies for maximizing value from under-performing assets. Central to implementing and managing this approach is an interdisciplinary diligence methodology comprised of business analytics, financial modeling, technical evaluation, and legal review of each asset portfolio. Based on this cross-functional assessment, Techquity develops a comprehensive analysis of IP asset opportunity and value in the market and the specific steps required to unlock that value.


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Techquity’s approach acknowledges owners’ strategic concerns, market opportunity for consumers of the IP, and financial risk to establish a clear value proposition for the assets that balances the business interests and perspectives of all parties. This is in contrast to IP investors who focus their assessment on purely legal considerations or litigation based licensing.


IP Commercialization

Techquity effectively commercializes and licenses acquired IP assets, leveraging decades of transaction expertise across IP, VC, and corporate development arenas, as well as operational and business creation experience. Each transaction is tailored to maximize value for each asset based on timing, operational, and market growth considerations. Unlike physical assets, IP rights are divisible across a number of geographic, market and application lines; thereby, enabling multiple monetization approaches to be derived from a single set of assets.


If you or your company have intellectual property that you wish to monetize in one way or another and believe that Techquity may be a good partner or buyer, please contact us.

Techquity will make a quick assessment at a high level to ensure that it makes sense for both parties to engage in detailed conversations about a potential transaction around the IP being considered.  If we believe that there are better partners for the specific situation than Techquity, we are happy to make recommendations and / or introductions.  If, however, a further conversation is warranted, then we will move forward according to a proven and repeatable process.