Our Principals have designed and implemented a leading and nationally recognized approach for Intellectual Property monetization

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Our History

Located in Austin, Texas, Techquity Capital Management is managed by an experienced team of successful intellectual property leaders. These accomplished individuals bring a unique combination of complementary skills and proven results as a pre-eminent IP development and commercialization team.

The Techquity team has decades of combined experience in IP licencing and management, and completed nearly 100 transactions together. Techquity’s approach is built on a strong foundation of deep technical expertise, long term product and operational experience, large scale M&A and investment leadership, and specialized financial valuation and analytics knowledge & practice. Importantly, the Techquity team brings well over 150 years of leadership experience in these areas.

Prior to Techquity, the Principals designed and implemented a market leading and nationally recognized approach for IP monetization. As founders of AT&T Knowledge Ventures, Ms. Divine and Mr. Roche delivered industry leading realized earnings in less than four years, with additional substantial gains in subsequent years associated with executed transactions.

Techquity’s Principals share common personal and professional beliefs and vision and each possesses a passion for intellectual property and the important role it plays in our economy. Techquity’s founders believe strongly in the value and importance of innovation, recognizing that innovation and invention are key inputs to many of today’s most important products and services. A dynamic and active market for IP licensing ensures that implementors can acquire access to current and next generation innovation and innovators continue to be incented to develop future technologies. Licensing can and should be the result of good faith negotiations by patent owners and licensees, but requires a commitment from both sides to thoughtful and engaged communication.

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